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Fetal Monitors are used during labor and delivery in 75% of all US births.  However, these devices generally require constant nurse attention, and typically they do not work for the severely overweight moms who now represent 25% to 50% of all moms in some areas.  When systems fail, a doctor has to place an electrode in the unborn baby’s scalp in an undesirable procedure.

OBMedical has developed LaborView®, an FDA-cleared external sensor system that provides fetal monitoring in patients of a wide range of  sizes¹.  It is especially effective in situations where external monitoring does not work due to a mother’s Body Mass Index (BMI)¹.  LaborView® is a simple accessory that can be plugged into one of the 28,000 existing ultrasound based fetal monitors that already interface to hospital information systems.  It displays both fetal heart rate, maternal heart rate and contractions.   By using the existing systems, you can avoid the capital equipment budgeting delays, and the single use disposable is paid for out of the operating budget.


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