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Current electronic maternal-fetal monitoring devices use outdated sensors (a toco [strain gauge]) for contractions and Doppler-based ultrasound to pick up the fetal heart rate. These sensors are frequently inaccurate (with studies showing a failure rate up to 35%) and notorious for requiring frequent adjustments by the nurses. They don’t work well, if at all, with obese moms. Tight Velcro belts holding them on are uncomfortable, especially for obese moms. They also tether mom to the monitors,reducing mobility, and further increasing the nurse’s workload. The “gold standard” alternatives – the intra-uterine pressure catheter (IUPC) and fetal scalp electrode screwed into the baby’s scalp (FSE) – require adequate cervical dilation and ruptured membranes, increase
costs,and risk infections.

OBMedical®’s LaborView™ sensor system is a wireless electrode-based system designed for labor and delivery departments. LaborView™ is an advanced maternal fetal sensor that externally measures labor contractions and the heart rates of the mother and child. The innovative technology offers superior signal capture and digital signal processing that is simple to set up, provides safe, continuous and reliable monitoring, and allows the mother mobility during labor.


LaborView (R) Wireless Electrode System and LaborView (R) Electrode Array may be covered by one or more of the following patents and patents pending in the United States of America and other countries: